Long Term Health Care Insurance, Gold River, CA

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)

There is a lot to consider when looking at Long Term Care Insurance. Long Term Care Insurance is a type of insurance policy that helps pay for your care if you become ill, impaired or have an accident or injury that requires help. This policy can help you burden the cost of assistance, protecting your financial assets.

When looking for a Long Term Care Insurance plan, consider the following things.

What does Long Term Care Insurance cover?

Depending on the type of care that you need, LTC insurance can cover the cost of home care, assisted living, adult daycare or full-time care facilities if you are injured, or need assistance day to day.

Do you need Long Term Care Insurance?

Only you can decide if you need LTC insurance. While statistically nearly 50% of people will eventually need it, only you can weigh the cost of the insurance with the cost of paying out of pocket.

Is Long Term Care Insurance right for you?

Purchasing LTC insurance is a personal decision and depends on many factors. Can you afford to pay out of pocket if you need long term care? Would it be wise to gamble and not buy it?

Is Long Term Care Insurance worth It?

Like all insurance policies, hopefully you never need to use it. Should you require long term care, having a LTC insurance policy can greatly reduce your financial burden.

How Much does Long Term Care Insurance cost?

While policies vary, typically you’re going to pay between $2,000-4,000 a year. We can get you a quote for your specific situation to let you know the exact cost.

LTC insurance policies vary and not all policies are the same. Reach out to an agent in our office to go over your specific situation and we will work with our insurance companies to find you the best coverage and price for your situation.